Add Security Cameras to your DMP Alarms

Adding cameras to your existing DMP burglar alarm system and integrating them with the  Virtual Keypad is easier than ever. Quinlan Security Systems offer a variety of DMP Secure Com Cameras that can all be monitored through the same app that manages your burglar alarm and access control. One app can handle all your security systems.

Have Constant Cloud Access to Video Clips From the Virtual Keypad

Add Security Cameras to your DMP Alarms


The Virtual Keypad automatically stores important video clips to the cloud for easy remote access. Saving and sharing video clips is as simple as downloading the file to your Iphone or Android device and texting or emailing it to the proper authority.


DMP Video Verification Automates Your Alarm Response

By integrating DMP Secure Com cameras with the Virtual Keypad, you will have the ability to automate your response to an alarm event. When an alarm is triggered, both the end user and central station will receive a push notification of the event and be shown the camera views capturing the scene. This allows for a rapid and proper response to the necessary authority; whether it is a false alarm or a real threat, the issue is resolved within minutes.


Add Security Cameras to your DMP Alarms


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