cloud-enabled video surveillance


We are excited to be offering Cloud-Enabled Video Surveillance security. This innovative system combines local recording with the convenience and flexibility of the cloud allowing you to get more from your security system.


Benefits of Cloud-Enabled Video Surveillance System

cloud-enabled video surveillance

  • Increase your ROI by saving time and money by simplifying video access, centralizing user management, and reducing maintenance costs.
  • Faster searching and identification of vehicles and individuals of interest.
  • Simplify the system by moving management and permissions to the cloud. When changes occur, all users are notified immediately with all data and permissions securely stored.
  • Reduce workload on your IT department with all-in-one recording.
  • Ability to identify vast amounts of objects in a scene and accurately classify them.
  • Enables real time event detection.
  • Easy to change system users.
  • Prevents system down time.
  • Ability to streamline user management.

We partner with OpenEye to offer the latest in video surveillance equipment.

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