Our Service and Response Time Sets Us Apart from our Competitors

Service is what makes the difference with Quinlan Security Systems.

“Prompt, reliable service is number one with us. We make responding quickly to our clients our top priority. We take it so seriously we measure our response time and track it weekly.”

Steve Quinlan, President, Quinlan Security Systems


Why Choose Quinlan Security Systems?

One reason people choose Quinlan is they are dissatisfied with their current security system provider due to slow response time and expensive service calls. With Quinlan, here’s what you can expect:

  • The majority of calls are handled live.
  • Over half of calls can be solved remotely, saving you time and money.
  • When a service call is required, our service technicians are knowledgeable and can fix your system quickly.
  • We have an experienced team that can solve your service issue promptly.

54% of calls are resolved in-house
71% of calls are resolved in 24 hours
86% of calls are resolved in 48 hours


We have built our business by providing quality service and supplying effective security solutions to a variety of businesses.

As the need for security systems becomes more common, it is important to choose the correct company for your business needs. For help selecting the right security system solution for your business, contact us today or call 78-478-0707. We don’t just quote a price; we do free assessments to understand your business needs and recommend the right security system that fits your requirements.

Quinlan Security Service Response

Can The Quinlan Advantage Help Your Business?Quinlan Security Service Response

Our process begins with an initial complementary consultation reviewing current needs and how we can help. Complete our contact form to schedule a visit.

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