Is Your Security System Up to Date?

Providing business security is one of the biggest challenges that a company faces today. An up-to-date security system is crucial to protect property, people, and assets.


This includes the need to periodically assess the effectiveness of your current system. Quinlan Security Systems offers a free assessment to determine if you have the right equipment for your business needs.


Over the past several years technology has evolved making more powerful tools available to business owners. Quinlan Security Systems offers the latest technology and enhancements for commercial security systems. Contact us to schedule your free assessment.



Innovations in Commercial Security

Remote Monitoring Solutions

By using web portals and smart phone apps, you can control your security system from any connected device. This means you can receive security alerts, arm and disarm your system, check video surveillance footage, and monitor other security information directly on your mobile phone.


Remote monitoring enables an immediate response should a break-in occur. If you already have remote monitoring, but have not upgraded within the past few years, you may want to have us review your system.


Multisensor Security Camera

Quinlan Security Systems partners with Avigilon to offer the latest technology in security cameras. The Avigilon H4 Multisensor Camera Line provides cameras with three or four adjustable camera sensors. This allows you to monitor almost any area. To learn more about this camera, please click this video.


security system up to date security


security system up to date security

Insurance Savings

With an updated security system you may be eligible for a discount in business insurance.


Contact us today. We can set up a time to review your current system and demonstrate how new technology can enhance your security system.


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