Why You Should Have An Integrated Security System

Why You Should Have An Integrated Security System

An integrated security system merges physical security with video surveillance, which provides a platform that can be managed from one location. This type of system can be managed remotely with a smartphone app, making it easier for companies to secure their business. You can include the following in an integrated system:

  • Burglar Alarm
  • Fire Alarm
  • Video surveillance/monitoring
  • Video review and analysis
  • Access
  • Locks

Value of an Integrated Security System

CentralizationWhy You Should Have an Integrated Security System

View your entire security system at once to avoid interacting with each system component individually. It also provides centralized emergency and non-emergency dispatch. Even if separate individuals are in charge of different aspects of the security operation, all the information is gathered in a central point.



With a single point of contact for the security system, your organization can be
more effective. Not only does an integrated system simplify monitoring and
reporting, it also streamlines the reporting process. This type of system makes
it easier to create reports, implement changes, and review history.




Even when you can’t be onsite, with a centralized system you can review your security at any time by using your computer, smart phone, or tablet.  For example, if you combine video analytics with access control, an integrated security system can monitor after-hours activity or unauthorized movement. If an event occurs, you can match the time stamp from the access control with the video.


Prevent Theft

With an integrated security system throughout your company location, you can mitigate theft in an efficient manner.


Customized System to Suit Your Business

Quinlan can customize an integrated security system based on your business requirements. With a customized system, you get the services appropriate for your business. A Quinlan Security Systems representative will meet with you to review your security requirements and determine an effective solution.

Quinlan Security Systems also can utilize your existing wiring and infrastructure to integrate your system while minimizing the cost.

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The Quinlan Advantage

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