How Fast Do You Want the Fire Department to Arrive?


We offer the latest technology in Fire Protection Systems

Quinlan Security Systems offers addressable fire protection systems, including the Honeywell Farenhyt Series of intelligent fire systems. This system is designed for new construction, upgrades, retrofits, and offers comprehensive fire protection. It is easy to install, operate, and


How does an addressable fire alarm system work?

All detection and notification devices are connected. Each device is connected to the central addressable fire alarm control panel. The panel continually sends messages to check on the functionality of each instrument. This way if there is a problem, the impacted device can be identified and repaired.


Why an addressable fire alarm system instead of a traditional fire alarm system?

There are advantages when all the fire alarms and smoke detectors are linked that are not in place with a traditional fire alarm system. One advantage is precise identification of where the problem started and where it may be spreading.


Reliability of Addressable Fire Alarms Systems

If there is a problem with one device, the other fire alarms and sensors continue to operate. Each component can be monitored and serviced separately.


Is an addressable fire alarm system right for your company?

We are often able to retrofit existing fire systems with new technology. We can ensure that the new equipment integrates with your existing system, and that it is the correct size for your building.


Benefits of addressable fire alarm panel

  • Offers protection by intelligently combining devices in a central panel
  • Can quickly detect a fire
  • Combines emergency communications, carbon monoxide, and fire detection all in one panel
  • Ideal for upgrades or retrofits of your current fire system
  • Easy to install, operate, and maintain
  • Meets latest code requirement
  • We will work with you to create the ideal system for your facility.

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