With an access control security system you are able to secure all your doors. The system works by identifying an individual (or computer), verifies them, and ensures they have the required approval before allowing access. This type of system protects your property, inventory, and employees by controlling access throughout your buildings.


Benefits of an Access Control Security System

  • Maintain an audit trail of which employee swiped which door on a specific date or
    time. Can be done on one door, several doors, or all doors.
  • Reduce cost and time of having to rekey your location, with keyless entry systems that utilize access codes and
  • Proximity Cards that are flexible enough to be carried in your wallet.
  • Key Fobs that install on your key ring.
  • Remote administration can be provided, which reduces management issues and overall system cost.


Audio/Video Intercoms

Our state-of-the art intercom system provides an easy way to communicate with those at the front gate, entry door, or in different locations of your business. This allows employees to unlock entry doors from interior stations with an easy-to-use system. Also, a video intercom will safely confirm the identity of anyone attempting to enter the building before granting access.



Managed Access Control

Many companies choose to rely on Quinlan Security Systems to manage their access control systems. Contact us with any needed updates to employee rights, access cards, or changes to your access control door schedules and configurations.



Is an Access Control System Right for your Company?

With this type of security system, you can implement seamless control integrate with a video surveillance badging system, and visitor management system. It allows you to control an entire building or certain areas. You also can limit access to specific areas of a building by different criteria including date, time, or cardholder. Email us or complete our contact form for a free assessment for an access control system for your business.




The Quinlan Advantage


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