An IP intercom system is set up and operates via your existing internet and IT infrastructure, making installations easier as no additional wiring is needed. Standard intercom systems are installed separately of the telephone and IT systems.


With an IP intercom system, it can grow with the company as it allows for additional devices to be added to the network easily. You have the option of either IP Audio Intercom or IP Video Intercom.




Aiphone is redefining what one IP system can do.


Aiphone is the premiere manufacturer of Intercom Systems.


The IX Series offers the power of an enterprise platform with the simplicity of a single system. It’s a platform for enterprise security an communications that grows with you. It expands your network across multiple security layers for one, very powerful solution:


  • No annual Aiphone licensing fees.
  • No proprietary servers.
  • No need to train your staff on multiple systems.


Combine that with built-in backwards/forwards compatibility and our freakish reliability, and you can feel confident in your choice for years to come.


Utilizing SIP, register any IX Series station to place or forward calls to an external phone number. Master stations can now serve a dual role as a single command point, controlling security layers such as access control and emergency communications.


With picture-in-picture, master stations can toggle between ONVIF® Profile SIP cameras and the new 1.3 megapixel cameras on IX Series video door stations. Line supervision ensures all stations are online while device check verifies every button, station speaker, and microphone are operating properly.


The IX Series is a perfect solution for commercial sites, industrial facilities, schools, campuses, parking garages, retail, emergency call, and correctional applications.


Aiphone Website – 2021 Aiphone Corporation


Benefits of an IP Intercom System


*With an IP Intercom you can manage the system by various users versus the traditional one, where many times a front doorbell is answered by a reception team.


*You can visually see (video intercom) whose is wanting access versus hearing (audio intercom).


*Much easier to install and less disruptive to business. Connected through exiting IP infrastructure. No extensive wiring is needed making the installation quicker and less intrusive to the business.


*The intercom system can be set up to track and log visitor data.


*Traditional or analog systems can suffer from poor audio/video quality or even system outages. They can be problematic and many times are black and white video. An IP system offers a better quality of video and audio.


*When your business grows, so can the intercom system, with ease. You can easily give new call points without the need for new wiring. Once again, less wiring, less disruption to the business.



Does this sound like a good solution for your IP intercom needs? We offer a free assessment and can help you find a cost effective solution.


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