• Keep unwanted/unauthorized individuals out.
  • Set up schedules for employees when they can access the building.
  • Keeping authorized individuals out also protects your company, employees, products, etc.


Other Benefits Include:

Maintain an audit trail of who went where and when. Reduce cost and time of having to rekey your location, with keyless entry systems that utilize access codes and fobs/cards. Proximity Cards flexible enough to be carried in your wallet, and Key Fobs that install on your key ring. Remote administration can be provided; reducing management issues and reduces overall system cost.



DMP – Digital Monitoring Products

From a single door to the largest enterprise installations, DMP offers solutions for stand-alone access to fully integrated systems, controlled by an app or your browser, cloud-based or enterprise software. The DMP Virtual Keypad app can be used through a browser or app on your phone.





DMP and HID have various readers to fit your application.


SCHEDULES Users can add, edit or delete schedules. Schedules affect arming, area arming, outputs, doors and Favorites. When the tab is selected, all the schedules assigned to the current system are listed.


ZONE STATUS This allows users to easily check one screen for the current status of all zones on a system. A yellow triangle indicates faulted zones.


DOOR ACCESS Virtual Keypad gives users realtime access control with the XR and XT Series panels. Users can lock or unlock multiple doors.


LOCKDOWN Lockdown is available for XR Series panels by selecting Lockdown. All Public Doors and Z-Wave doors will lock on the system with a single click.


MANAGE USER CODES You can configure accounts to include user code management. This provides the system manager/owner with access to all authorized system users and the ability to add,  delete and modify users and edit their codes.


MANAGE CREDENTIALS This allows you to choose either User Code or credential all in one record. For example, John Smith may have multiple credentials (a card, user code, fob and prox patch) all managed under his authority or profile. This credentialing hierarchy makes data entry faster and easier to manage.







Audio/Video Intercoms

Aiphone is the premier supplier of intercom and video intercoms. Aiphones state-of-the art intercom systems provide an easy way to communicate with those at the front gate, entry door or in different locations of your business. Unlock entry doors from interior stations with an easy to use system. A Video Intercom will safely confirm the identity of anyone attempting to enter the building before granting access.



We are available to discuss access control options with you to determine the best configuration for your business. For more information on access control, visit our website. To set up your free security assessment, please contact us.



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