Quinlan Security Systems installs and services, burglar and fire alarms, access control systems and Camera (CCTV) systems.


Whether you are looking for something basic or something more technically advanced, Quinlan Security Systems is here for you.

We work hand in hand with Digital Monitring Products for the burglar, fire and access control systems, giving us the ability to integrate all of the systems.  We also try to utilize any existing equipment you may have.  Installations can vary from basic systems with a panel, keypad and door contacts, to adding readers for doors you want to control access to. Adding smoke and heat detectors, motions and much more.  We can also install systems that are completely wireless. DMP offers the Virtual Keypad App which then can manage all of the systems with one application, whether you are on your phone or desktop.  Allowing for arming/disarming of the system, setting door schedules, adding users and setting up profiles to allow only those employees into the areas that you want them to have access to.


Digital Monitoring ProductsQuinlan Security Systems partners with Avigilon and Digital Watchdog when it comes to cameras. Both having superb analytical abilities.


Avigilon has the Concealed Weapons Detection (CWD) system that uses advanced sensors and artificial intelligence to detect a wide range of concealed weapons and threats. Along with Appearance Search, Facial recognition, license plate recognition, self-learning video analytics, unusual activity and unusual motion detection.


Digital Watchdog has the DW Cloud service which makes managing your Spectrum IPVMS system simple.  Connect from anywhere and sharing unlimited number of users.


DW has cameras that will integrate into the DMP system and thus can be managed with one application.


DW Spectrum® IPVMS is an endlessly customizable IP Video Management platform that gives users the ability to create tailored network video solutions for any type of project, from the office or on in the field.


Not ready to replace the whole CCTV system?  Digital Watchdog allows you to manage HD-analog cameras in DW Spectrum IPVMS.


Digital Watchdog has CaaS allows business owners to set up a complete single or multi-site system with no server or NVR required.


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