Camera systems in the past have only been good for going back to view recordings of events AFTER they already occurred. Quinlan Security Systems has partnered with Digital Watchdog® to provide a camera solution with advanced analytics to alert you as events are happening!

Are you tired of having to watch hours of footage to find an incident or to track someone’s movement on your property?
Well, with the DW Blackjack® you can reduce the time it takes to seconds to look through archived video. With their line crossing analytics one can simple find the exact time and date when someone or something left or came into frame. Thus, allowing you to get back to what is important.


What if I do not want my camera system on the company’s network?
The Blackjack® servers offer duel NIC cards which optimize network bandwidth to create an entire separate network that is only dedicated to your surveillance system. This helps keep the traffic off your main network.


Can I use my third-party cameras on this?
Yes, you can, if they are ONVIF® conformant. All Blackjack Servers allows you to add third-party ONVIF® components, creating a unique answer to match you’re your specific needs.