DMP has released a brand new 7-Inch Touchscreen Keypad!

It includes several new features that the previous keypads did not such as…

  • Viewing live and recorded video from connected cameras.
  • Two-way audio to speak with visitors at the Video Doorbell.
  • Onboard camera captures snapshots of all arming and disarming events.
  • Arm/disarm areas all on one screen.
  • Z- Wave Support – You can control your lights, locks, and thermostats all from the Carousel menu on the graphic touchscreen keypad.
  • Red Keypad – During an alarm state, the keypad screen turns red. The screen remains red until reset by the user.
  • Weather Information – Up-to-date weather information for today and tomorrow displays on touchscreens installed with network or cellular-connected panels.
  • Video Doorbell – Speak to guests or delivery drivers through the V-4061 Video Doorbell.


Whether securing a home or business, this keypad is very customizable and a great way to manage your system!