Cities and towns require security solutions that protect sensitive data, safeguard staff, and restrict access to buildings and other assets. Be proactive in keeping your municipal buildings, employees, and information safe by investing in robust security measures.

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We deliver a comprehensive and scalable suite of security systems allowing municipalities to select the right security tools for their needs and budget. All communities have different needs, so we accommodate large and small municipalities with top of the line security systems, including:

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Upgrade your security system

Whether you want to completely upgrade your security system or update an older security feature to a newer model, Quinlan provides easy and effective solutions.

Our fire and life safety features provide immediate notification in the event of a fire or threat in order to protect your staff. Quinlan’s video surveillance is a first line of defense against break-ins and thieves, and security alarms provide additional protection by alerting authorities if the facility is breached. Our access control systems deliver peace of mind by setting granular controls for certain areas or individuals. When you limit access to critical assets, you can better protect all sensitive data held in municipal buildings.

Not only do we provide all necessary equipment to ensure that your municipal buildings are safe, we also offer advisory services. We educate officials on our products, services and solutions, and can help determine what’s right for your community.

To keep your assets, premises and people safe, look to our best-in-class security solutions expressly tailored for municipalities.