Quinlan does excellent work

Quinlan does excellent work. They sweat the details, complete their projects in a timely manner, then offer good follow-up support. We’ve had very good success with their key-card/fob entry system and their high definition surveillance cameras which can be viewed on a computer or phone app. I highly recommend their services.


Dan Roeda

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

We hired Quinlan Security and we could not be happier. The dedication to details and making sure everything was perfect for each and every project they did for us. Have made our security so much easier to maintain and we feel much safer now. Thank you for all your hard work and effort!


Stephen Warunek

The office staff also does and outstanding job

Quinlan Security Systems provides burglar alarm service @ our school. Their technicians are very knowledgeable & in some instances have been able to fix system glitches via cell phone instructions. Their products perform well. Outside of normal maintenance we have not had any issues with any of their products. The office staff also does an outstanding job. Marie Kanofsky in my opinion has excellent customer service skills. from scheduling service calls around our school hours, to making follow up calls after an alarm notification she is definitely an asset to the company. I recommend this company if you are in need of a new security system.


Mark Lisiewicz

I have used Quinlan on many jobs

I have used Quinlan on many jobs and have always gotten the best design, installation, and customer service. Marie and Brian are the dynamic duo!


David Abraham

Very Responsive Service

Great company that really understands security. Very responsive service and nice people to do business with.



Wow, what a difference

Prior to partnering with Quinlan, we were a long standing ADT/JCI client and WOW what a difference. We started with Quinlan to provide card access at a satellite facility 3 years ago and everything worked per the plan, no surprises at any step of the process and nothing but great service. This year we switched our building access, fire / burglary protection and camera security systems at our main manufacturing campus over to Quinlan and every experience / interaction has been positive. The Quinlan team knows the business and has proven to be a great partner not just upgrading aging equipment but guiding us on best practices for the future. Thanks Quinlan Security!


John Cieplak

Thank you for all the personal attention

Awesome Service! We have installed a new camera system in a 70,000 sf Commercial Building in Illinois and the management team is in Michigan – as we can watch all activity on our phones as if we were there! Thank you for all the personal attention, Marie!


Deborah McDonald

The guys are very knowledgeable and fix any problem

We have been using Quinlan for the past five years. We are very satisfied with the service we received from them. The guys are very knowledgeable and fix any problem we might have right away! This is very important to us. 😉


Michelle Turrisi-Carlascio

Technicians are very professional and knowledgeable

We have used Quinlan Security Systems for several years. We have always received excellent customer service and the technicians are very professional and knowledgeable.


Beth Weygandt

Great follow through

Quinlan is a great company to work with. They are very responsive and have come out to our property several times whenever we need to make adjustments to sensors. Great follow through.


Anna Rosen

The central station and Quinlan’s professionalism are excellent

We have had this service for 20 years. We have been very satisfied with our alarm service from the very beginning; from the installation to the present day. The central station and Quinlan’s professionalism are excellent.


Residential Customer

Great job with the fine tuning of the installation and the training

Wanted to thank you for sending Justin to do our training session at Acadia. I think he did a great job with the fine tuning of the installation and the training. I believe the board is happy with the security equipment you selected and the residents love having a call box they can depend on.


Jack Marengo

Professionalism & Expertise

Quinlan Security Systems has been working with us on upgrading some of our older video surveillance and alarm system hardware. We have seen a drastic improvement in the quality and resolution of our video camera surveillance, and very satisfied with the support. I can always count on Quinlan’s professionalism and expertise.


Pete Baker

I am thoroughly impressed with Quinlan Security

I am thoroughly impressed with Quinlan Security. Thank you for your very professional and personal attention to the special needs of our parish’s alarm systems. I chose Quinlan because of an excellent referral, and I couldn’t be happier. I have been recommending Quinlan to all of the other pastors in our area.


Rev. Ralph H. Zwirn

Personal Attention and Support

I like that Quinlan gives me personal attention and support when needed and that they work with me until the problem is resolved. Quinlan support has been good to work with and their training was very effective. I have recommended Quinlan to the Managers of our other locations.


Jeff Badali

Why Consider Someone Else

Parkview Christian Church has been utilizing Quinlan’s services for our security needs. After a routine solicitation of bids, we decided to continue that relationship and were pleased to have Quinlan install and monitor the security system for our new 80,000 square foot campus. It was not a question of ‘Why would we continue with Quinlan for our needs?’

instead ‘Why would we consider anyone else for those needs?’ The decision was based on impeccable service throughout the years with Quinlan’s employees possessing the understanding of customer satisfaction. Surprisingly, Quinlan Security does something that few companies do; they actually follow up with the customer to ensure that the needs have been met.

There is so much to be said regarding the services of Quinlan Security Systems, why would anyone consider someone else for their security system needs?


Mark Dines

Just Awesome

Quinlan installed and maintains the security system at our school. They are professional, knowledgeable, and great people. Our technician has made himself available at any time to answer questions and help in any way he can. I can’t say enough how great they are. Hire them!


Alex Montgomery

Quinlan’s employees take the time to do it right

I have been a Quinlan customer for 15 years. After recently remodeling our kitchen we had some issues with the security system wiring. Our service tech, Gary, took the time to backtrack to the original installation paperwork and solved all our issues. He was courteous and thorough with a professional attitude. Quinlan has a happy customer because of employees like Gary who take the time to do it right!


Michael Mabbott

I don’t know how to tell you how grateful I am

We are very pleased with the service we are getting from Quinlan Security Systems. Recently they have taken over our fire protection system inspections and one thing I didn’t realize is that the previous company never inspected the pull stations for the fire system. When Quinlan did the first inspection they did find a bad pull station. I don’t know how to tell you how grateful I am they found this. This could have been a very serious issue! I appreciate their efforts and we are very happy with Quinlan.


Charlie Saak

Totally Satisfied

Our shipping, receiving and UPS service doors are solid steel. We needed to be able to see who was at the door and buzz them in. Totally satisfied with our Video Intercom and Quinlan’s service.


Darryl Bass

I know I can count on their experience and knowledgeable staff

The installation of our Video Surveillance System by the Quinlan Security Systems technicians went great, we are very satisfied with the system and the support we receive from Quinlan. I know I can count on their experience and knowledgeable staff.


Greg Smith

We’ve seen the competition, and we prefer Quinlan.

Quinlan Security Systems provides a high level professionalism, and quick response to our needs. The system design and installation team did a great job; our relationship with Quinlan continues to grow as we open additional branches. We’ve seen the competition, and we prefer Quinlan.


Mike Wysocki

Second to none expertise, training and support

As Black Ensemble Theater was planning to move to its new location on Clark St., we selected Quinlan Security Systems to design, install and service the security systems to protect our employees, customers and property. In the short amount of time that the systems have been online, our new camera surveillance system was successful in recording video of three separate incidents; a theft of electronics equipment, an employee’s parked car that was hit and run, and the identification of a taxi-cab’s make and ID number that was wanted by police. Our video system consists of an IP Video System with Megapixel Cameras providing a high level of quality with excellent resolution. The expertise, training and support from Quinlan has been second to none. We would recommend Quinlan Security System for any security needs.


Paul Kartcheske

I’ll gladly recommend Quinlan to any of my contacts.

Just letting you know the system is great so far and the installers did a great job.  Kevin also took his time making sure i was comfortable with the setup, software, ect.

I’ll gladly recommend Quinlan to any of my contacts


Brian Wasil

Quick Response and Commitment

We have partnered with Quinlan for over 15 years now, and have found everyone to be very responsive, and knowledgeable. We wouldn’t trust anyone else with our facility security needs. I highly recommend Quinlan to anyone looking for professional and reliable service.


Dan Duschene

Continued Success

I just wanted to let you know that all cameras at St. Andrew’s Court are functioning well, and we are very happy with the service we have been receiving from Quinlan for the past 10 years at St. Andrew’s Court and The Michael Barlow Center. Your techs are always on time and get their jobs completed in a timely manner. They are also very helpful with questions we have and are patient with our lack of knowledge of some systems. So, all-in-all our experience with Quinlan has been very positive.


Pete Baker

Worth Every Cent

Quinlan installed and maintains the security system at my home. They are great to work with, if I have any questions or need help, they are very willing to answer and help. Compared to my last security company Quinlan is leaps ahead of them, and the extra it cost for me to go with Quinlan instead of my old company is worth every cent. We are glad when it was time to upgrade our ten year old system we chose Quinlan


Tim O.

Great People To Work With

Quinlan installed and maintains the security system at my home. They are great to work with, ifI have used Quinlan Security for all of my multiple sites and I would never use anyone else. Great people to work with. They are honest and prompt with their service. If there are ever any issues, they are very helpful. You will not find a better company out there for your security needs.


Jim W.

Quick Responses from On-Call Staff

We would like to express our appreciation for the quick response from Quinlan’s on-call person very early on Sunday.  He was able to tell us it was the battery that needed to be replaced, and where to pick up a new one.

This morning we received a follow-up call from Terry to see if we had purchased and installed the new battery. He checked the system, and said it was okay! Thank you very much!


Gloria and Kenneth Simpson

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