Remote Control and Management





Self- Control

  • Control your security system from your phone, tablet or computer.
  • Use your security system offsite.
  • View video from your business remotely via PC or Smartphone.
  • View your business’s security video anytime- day or night with ease.

Quinlan Control

Quinlan can provide remote management of your Access Control and Alarm System. We can take the hassle of managing (adding deleting users, changing schedules, etc.) the system out of your hands and do it.

Virtual Keypad App

DMP’s user friendly Virtual Keypad allows users to remotely control their Alarm, Access Control, and Camera System. The Virtual Keypad is available on Apple and Android devices. Quinlan offers DMP’s Virtual Keypad in order to provide customers with a stress-free user experience.

Benefits of DMP’s Virtual Keypad

  • All functions of Alarm, Access Control, and Camera systems accessible in one location.
  • Eliminates the hassle of installing software onto a PC for management purposes.
  • Provides efficient and on the go tool for management.
  • Reports for management purpose; such a door access reports, opening and closing, etc.

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Video Monitoring App

Video Surveillance for Your Business

With Quinlan’s Video Monitoring App you can watch video from your business remotely via PC or smartphone. Video and Internet-based security systems offer many advantages over conventional monitoring. Leverage the best in Internet and communications technology to create a more reliable and efficient security system.

Motion tracking, high resolution imaging, and remote access via the internet are all offered via the Video Monitoring App.


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Virtual Keypad Access Integration

Single App Security

Quinlan’s Single App security allows you to remotely manage your security system. So you can always stay connected.

Ease of Use with Single App Security

  • Use the app to check on your systems.
  • Receive alters on potential problems.
  • View camera footage
  • Sound the alarm
  • Retrieve/Obtain time and attendance information

The Benefits of a Single-App Security System Management Strategy

Quinlan can set up your security system in one application to boost your business impact and your peace of mind. We integrate scalable system components, adding or removing security features as your needs change. This way, your business will stay protected as you grow, while always enjoying the level of security you can afford in a manner that’s convenient and easy to use.


To learn more about our integrated security systems or to receive a quote for your business needs, please contact us at 708-478-0707.

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