Schools are a place of learning, growth, and exploration. Unfortunately, they can also be a target for threats such as violence, theft, and vandalism. Ensuring the safety of students and staff is of utmost importance.

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School administrators have never faced a greater need to ensure the security of their students, staff, and facilities. Beyond simply securing doors, controlling access, and monitoring cameras, administrators today must be prepared for the very real possibility of any threat level. We can provide you with a broad line of security solutions and software that can create a customized and tailored solution with features specifically for protecting school facilities.

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With the help of the Virtual Keypad App™ an authorized staff of administrators can instantly initiate a lockdown from their mobile phone, system keypad, or computer. The lockdown feature instantly locks all controlled doors, which restricts access to only authorized users. Your building will remain armed so you and emergency responders can better track an intruder’s movement. Sounders and sirens are silenced thus reducing confusion and panic.

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Video Surveillance

Quinlan’s CCTV is the first line of defense against unwanted visitors and loitering individuals to complement an alarm and access control system. It also keeps track of visitors’ whereabouts and even helps against theft and vandalism.


We can use A.I. cameras to alert you of an incident before it becomes serious and help with sourcing video faster and more efficiently.

In addition to these specific tools and technologies, schools need a comprehensive security plan in place. Along with a vendor who has a reputation for resolving service calls quickly, is trusted by many other school districts, and works closely with you.


We understand that investing in a security system can seem like an added expense, but it is important to remember that the safety of students and staff is invaluable. Schools can create a safe and secure environment for learning and growth by taking proactive measures to prevent and respond to threats. That is why we can help design a system that fits within your budget.

Quinlan Security Systems will develop a security strategy specific to your organization’s needs, keeping your facility safe and providing the tools necessary to monitor operations any time of day. Learn more about our security products that can help private schools or school districts with security needs. Contact us now to schedule a security consultation.