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Quinlan Security Systems partners with several manufacturers to ensure our clients have the latest video surveillance technology. Some of our partners include: AvigilonAxisDigital WatchdogHanwha, and more. Our industry’s top video analytics technology is developed by Avigilon; one of our premier partners.

Appearance Search Technology

Do you ever have to locate a person or vehicle of interest at your facility? For schools, hospitals, and large companies, this can be a necessity. Quinlan now offers Avigilon’s Appearance Search Technology—perfect for identifying someone in a large facility or campus. The AI search engine helps you quickly find a person or vehicle of interest and track their route throughout all cameras. Also, you can search by gender and clothing color.

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License Plate Recognition Analytics

Capture, recognize and search licenses with high accuracy using License Plate Recognition (LPR). It automatically captures the license plate in real time, compares or adds it to a predefined list and then takes appropriate action such as opening a gate, adding a cost, or generating an alert.

Unusual Motion Detection (UMD)

This is new artificial intelligence removes the need for an operator to constantly review footage saving money while being more effective.

Advanced artificial intelligence technology continuously learns what a typical activity in a scene looks like, and then detects and records motion anomalies. UMD saves a tremendous amount of time and cost with efficiency.

Virtual Fence and Loitering Detection

Virtual Fence and Loitering detection can be added to existing systems.  Utilizing a cameras field of view, we can set up a virtual trip- wire for triggering notifications for an unauthorized car or person. Also, loitering detection can help as a preventative measure.

Cloud-Enabled Video Management

Platform-secure video surveillance that combines the performance and reliability of local recording with the convenience and flexibility of the cloud.

Universal HD over Coax Technology

A great way to upgrade existing Analog Video Systems to high-definition.

Network (IP) Video

Video Analytics

Through the use of Intelligent Video Analytics, a camera system becomes more than an archive of what has happened and becomes a proactive digital guard of your facility. Using of alarm events like trip lines, unauthorized area mapping, wrong way travel, unauthorized grouping of individuals, and dwell times, the system then notifies end users to take immediate action.

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